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VisionPro glasses adjust to your eyesight, not the other way around. Did you know that 3 out of 10 people are wearing the wrong prescription glasses?. The first pair of corrective glasses were made more than 700 years ago. And not much has changed since then.
Dear Customers, we are under a scheduled maintenance. Don't worry however, your orders are still being shipped. They also will continue to be tracked and we are still supporting former customers for at least another 12 months!
VisionPro는 광학 산업에 혁신을 일으키고 있습니다. VisionPro는 어느 거리에서든 최적의 시력에 맞춰 완벽하게 도수를 조절할 수 있는 렌즈가 장착된 최초의 안경입니다.
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GateVision PRO High Performance Netlist Debugging and Viewing. GateVision® PRO is the third generation of graphical, gate-level netlist analyzers and viewers from Concept Engineering. Completely rewritten to run on modern 64bit platforms to handle the largest designs and SoCs, GateVision PRO provides a range of powerful debug and comprehension capabilities.
So I bought three of these - crappy glasses. So I bought three of these - one for my wife and mother plus one for myself - absolute garbage - do not buy them - they are cheep crap and I am so disappointed that I was stupid enough to pay them $109 for three pairs of glasses that should never have been made
Dial Vision is advertised as a pair of glasses that can be adjusted by the turn of a dial. Here is my hands-on demonstration and first look review. Dial Visi...

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